4 tips on how to properly maintain furniture

best way to dust wood furniture

After finishing the decoration of a space, we need to follow a series of care so that the look of the environment remains impeccable. One of the most recommended practices for this purpose is to care for the maintenance of furniture.

The ideal is that you keep the parts away from moisture, in addition to avoiding the use of abrasive products. After all, they are responsible for compromising numerous types of surfaces, such as wood, stone or steel.

The options that we most recommend for you to keep your furniture and your corner well taken care of are the CIF line products. Still, before starting your cleaning, it’s important to understand the points of attention. Not sure how to perform this task? See this post and find out!

1. Marble and plastic furniture

The furniture of plastic are the most commonly found in residential environments. No wonder: in addition to being modern, they talk to different types of decoration and ensure a unique look for the rooms.

However, it will be necessary to take some precautions when sanitizing these structures, without them suffering any corrosion. The first is to do frequent cleaning, so that the items look good and don’t accumulate residues.

Then choose purpose-built products that are great for getting rid of smudges or fingerprints. One of the most efficient recommendations is the use of the CIF Multiuso + Care.

The process is simple: apply the product on the surface you want to clean or with the help of a dry cloth. Then spread the component to remove dirt from the furniture. Finally, remove the product also with the help of a cloth.

2. Glass furniture

Anyone who has a piece of furniture or glass surface at home, knows that there is nothing better than leaving it clean and without any marks of dirt. Usually, these items are more common in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room, especially when it comes to tables, dressers or shower box.

To keep these shiny areas, the suggestion is to resort to components ready to eliminate the marks and the slime — CIF Limpa Vidros being the best option. With high technology, it allows you to act with maximum power in ten seconds, repelling water and dirt.

All this without damaging the material, shielding against marks and giving shine – and with an extremely fast drying. Just choose between the Trigger or Squeeze Window Cleaner versions and achieve maximum everyday practicality!

3. Ceramic furniture 

Ceramic is a great solution for adding more color and texture to a residential space. However, these materials require specific attention, especially when the subject is furniture maintenance.

To protect all the characteristics of these elements and make them last longer, it will be necessary to prevent friction, which can occur with falling objects or strong impacts. Other than that, it is worth avoiding contact with certain substances. Those that deserve more care are the homemade mixtures, with lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate being the main ones.

Instead, prefer to invest in the use of CIF Creamy, which is a great ally in this process. By using it, we were able to remove simple stains and some scratches present in the coating. Use a sponge or damp cloth to apply the product, making circular and gentle movements.

4. Kitchen and bathroom furniture

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are environments that live in contact with humidity. This detail makes frequent cleaning even more important for the well-being of all residents.

In the space where we prepare and carry out meals, fat can also be a problem, even more, inside the microwave or around the stove. In this case, the best option is the CIF Kitchen Degreaser, which will finish off the oily surface and reveal an incredible shine to the structures.

Then it’s time to sanitize the bathroom — from the shower stall to the sink. In this situation, take care with CIF, using the Chlorine-free Bathroom option, which removes waste and manages to neutralize odors, while protecting the look of the materials.

Extra tip

The handles, hinges and other belongings also deserve attention. When possible, clean these areas with CIF Sensitive Wet Wipes. It has cotton extracts and will take care of these extra corners in a more delicate and practical way.

As we have seen, there is no shortage of product options to take care of furniture maintenance and minimize your cleaning efforts. This way, it will be easier to have satisfaction and conquer well-kept parts, ready to last for many years. Become part of the Living + CIF partnership too and make your next cleaning light and pleasant.

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