7 tips for the ideal sofa in your environment

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Sofa, one of the most used furniture items in your home!

Are you going through this dilemma? Do you want to buy a sofa, or exchange yours for a new one?

The sofa is one of the furniture that most stands out in the environment and, therefore, one of the main pieces of decoration to be chosen.

The task is complicated: it has to be comfortable, beautiful, fit in the space and, more than that: fit in with the room’s decoration!

If you want to know how to choose the ideal sofa for your living room, whether it’s a living room, TV or any other room in your home, answer these questions and define the ideal characteristics of your sofa.

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7 questions to help you buy the perfect sofa

For each question you will define characteristics such as size, color, type of fabric and style, among others.

In the end, the picture will be much clearer for you to decide and choose much more easily.

1- What is the environment?

A sofa for a game room, TV room or even that nice balcony of a place, will have very different characteristics than a sofa for your living room.

Therefore, for the most relaxed environments, colorful and comfortable sofas, with fluffy and large pillows, can be an excellent choice.

If the environment is more formal, it may be necessary to think of something more traditional, with more classic shapes, as in this case:

Living room with white sofa and coffee table.

2- What is the decoration style?

If you are going to start from scratch, ok! You will have more freedom of choice. But if you’re going to change sofas and don’t want to renovate the rest of the room, it’s very important to focus your attention on sofas that blend in with the rest of the furniture.

3- Who will use it?

The sofa in the living room of a couple without children can have that light color, a natural fabric such as linen, cushions that are not too soft and focus on design.

A house with children and teenagers, on the other hand, should perhaps think about dark colors to hide stains, more resistant fabrics, such as leather or vegetable leather, or, at least, fabrics that are easy to wash and waterproofed.

Resistance is another important point for those who have many young people to marry me: prefer robust sofas.

In this environment, color and resistance are combined, providing a cozy and stylish room:

Living room with brown sofa in the corner

4- Do you have pets?

Dogs, cats and even chinchillas and other animals. Or even birds, if they get loose.

Spending a considerable amount of money on your dream couch to watch your cat sharpen her claws on it can be quite unpleasant.

Take this into account when choosing colors, fabrics and air resistance for your sofa.

5- What is the space reserved for the sofa?

Measuring tape in hand, measure space carefully! Going to a store and trusting your “clinical eye” to guess whether the sofa will fit the desired environment is quite risky!

So, if you’re going to change sofas, measure the old one, but don’t forget to measure the space as well. Don’t forget details like depth, width and length.

Also, if you have side tables, measure their height as well, to prevent the sofa arms from being too high or too low in relation to them.

Finally, an important detail that many forget: measure the width of the door and the size of the elevator. Have you ever thought about discovering that your sofa doesn’t pass the door or that you’ll have to have it hoisted up to your apartment because it doesn’t fit in the elevator?

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6- What colors match or do you already have a mind?

We are talking about dark colors for those with children and colorful for a game room.

But what about in a playroom used by children? That’s right: these questions help guide your choices, but dilemmas always happen!

If the decor is from scratch, let your creativity flow and choose the colors you’ve always wanted in your home. Otherwise, be sure to analyze the possible combinations.

This year, some colors are in fashion, for example violet and natural tones such as earth, brick and dark green. But you are free to choose what you prefer.

Notice how the shades of blue, gray and black complement each other in this environment:

TV room with creative bench and navy blue sofa

7- Is your focus on beauty or comfort?

Finally, decide: beauty or comfort?

Of course there are those sofas that combine the two, especially designer furniture, signed by great architects, but if there is a “budget limit”, decide this detail before setting out in search of the sofa of your dreams!

Notice the contrast between the sofa and the armchair: both are beautiful, but which will be the most comfortable?

Living room with white sofa

After answering these 7 questions, you will have a lot more focus on choosing that sofa that will look perfect in your living room.