Affective decoration: essential and practical elements

affective domain

Decorating a home is a task that requires choices, so that the place is as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Among the possibilities, affective decoration can be an excellent alternative.

In order to successfully implement the style, it is important to follow some of its main characteristics, which it values ​​in a special way for the customization of environments.

The affective decoration brings into the environments items that provide good memories and memories, which will not only ensure greater coziness at home, but also a deep identification with each area.

Thus, a wooden print that was received at a certain point in life can be applied as a decorative item of great value, which makes the atmosphere of the house much more personal and nostalgic.

If you recognize that affective decoration can be an interesting possibility for your home, this article is for you. So, keep reading this content and learn more about the subject.

What is affective decoration and what is its importance?

Affective decoration has a strong connection with psychology, since it is composed of items that refer to different circumstances experienced in other periods of life.

Thus, it awakens certain moments of introspection, which bring sensations from different occasions to the present, making the home much more cozy and personal, showing its importance for those who will live there.

Precisely for this reason, among the main articles that can make up an affective scenario within your home, it is possible to mention:

  • Collectibles;
  • Albums and photos;
  • Antique furniture;
  • Works of art.

In this case, both a collection of strollers from childhood, as well as family photos, the modulated furniture that belonged to grandparents and some works of art are capable of successfully composing an affective decoration.

So, nothing more interesting than looking for these items and betting on their distribution within a differentiated and welcoming decor.

How to make an affective decoration

There are no restrictions as to what can be used in an affective decoration. After all, each item, no matter how small or large, can have a specific situation linked to it, which will awaken good memories.

However, it is common that some objects or furniture bring these memories more easily and, therefore, can be used more often. Check out some below.

1. Inherited furniture

It’s true that furniture today has very modern and sophisticated designs, but antique furniture always brings back childhood memories in relatives’ homes. Also, they are of better quality, like any item found in an antique shop.

In this case, if you inherited furniture from close family members, the suggestion is to use them in the affective decoration of your home, bringing a little of your ancestors home.

2. Travel souvenirs or special occasions

Those who travel always bring an article as a souvenir of the places they’ve been. Be it mugs, key chains, fridge magnets or paintings, it is possible to successfully implement them within the affective decoration.

In addition, for those who have already graduated or have different certificates of professional qualification, the use of plaques around the house brings good memories, in addition to providing greater satisfaction for personal achievements.

3. Photos and images

Nothing more affectionate than using photos at home, right? Therefore, selecting images from different periods of life, from childhood to the present, is essential.

Choosing photos with family members and putting up a mural is, without a doubt, a way to get the affective decoration right.

Another way to decorate, combining modern design with good memories, is to bet on the printing of personalized pillow covers, being able to assemble very interesting looks and personalized models for your home.

4. Crockery

The dishes also gain a special space in the affective decoration. They may have been inherited from relatives or even purchased at special times, such as the family’s first home.

Thus, giving them a special space in the ornamentation of your home is interesting, so that when they are seen on a daily basis, they awaken sensations of other occasions already experienced by the residents of your home.

Deciding which elements will make up your home decor is not always a simple task. Therefore, opting for a decorative style is the first step, and the choice for the affective one can bring good surprises to your home.

Therefore, if you value your past and like to keep in constant contact with it, be sure to invest in this type of decoration and build a cozy home with ease.