Amazing ideas to match wooden furniture with your decor

dark wood funiture

Interior decoration is a fascinating activity. The fruit of your good combinations can generate the most incredible scenarios.

It is no exaggeration to think that this also influences the way people perceive their home environments. But to reach a satisfactory result, a lot of research is needed.

And wood is a noble, natural, renewable element with all its own beauty, which can be exploited in interior decoration.

Choosing wooden furniture is not as simple as it sounds. That’s why designers and architects often simulate their ideas before presenting them to clients.

It is difficult to be able to predict whether furniture in a certain style, size, color and texture will match other objects. And when you don’t have all these pieces on hand to compare them live, 3D sketches and models are made instead.


In this text, in particular, we are going to talk about wooden furniture. Items made of this material, in fact, tend to have rare beauty. Its durability is also quite remarkable – perhaps like nothing else. Of course they will require special maintenance; but, when well cared for and used in the right spaces, they can be of great value for interior decoration. Then see how to use them indoors.

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The most different wooden furniture for sale on the market

It is common, when thinking about wooden furniture, to associate, in the head, this idea with old and heavy pieces that were used in settings from the past. It turns out that this material has always been and will always be quite valuable.

That’s why it is still part of home design, making itself present in modern projects as well. The difference now is the possibility of furniture in agglomerates, such as MDF and MDP.


The furniture currently found for sale on the market does not lose a bit to the beauty of furniture manufactured in the past.

It’s just a different beauty, better suited to the taste and needs of those who live a contemporary life, which requires much more practical and functional decorations. These pieces have many other interesting new features, such as drawers with telescopic slides.

Several designers – some even renowned – have dedicated themselves exclusively to developing products for the wooden furniture segment.

The planned ones, without a doubt, are the most loved novelty of the moment, helping to solve several very complex cases of architecture and interior decoration. It is the best alternative for space optimization.


Other than that, the new wooden furniture has many more finishing options. In addition to the traditional varnish, which helps a lot to protect the pieces, paint, lacquer, Formica and more can be applied to the parts.

The advantage of this is to be able to adapt each desired element to the idealized decoration. This opens up a range of combination possibilities. See the next topic.

What other elements do wood furniture in natural tone combine with?

Basically, most of the furniture used in interior settings is made of wood.

Of course there are parts made of other fibers as well, such as straw, in addition to metal, plastic and other materials. And all of this can be put together, in the same composition. But as said before, this is a task that requires a lot of study and testing. Only in this way is it possible to arrive at a fully harmonic combination.


Theories based on the results of studies carried out in the most varied scientific fields claim that it is better for human beings to live in balanced environments. And this balance would come from the elements that make up these spaces.

In theory, wood would emanate some energy and this could be intensified by heat, but calmed by cold metal. Therefore, following this rule, one would arrive at a perfect match.


Which decor styles match wooden furniture?

Based on the images presented in this text, it is already possible to reach some conclusions regarding the use of wooden furniture in decoration. First, it is already known that items in this material are well suited to various styles of environments.

Which pieces with modern or classic lines could be used in the same composition with ease. And that the ones in natural tone look very beautiful against neutral backgrounds.

combination-furniture-wood combination-furniture-wood

There are several different shades of wood – lighter and darker. And they all look beautiful next to transparent, mirrored and light-colored items – especially the cold ones, like green and blue.

The most important thing is, in the end, to get the lighting of the environments right. This will make all the difference when leaving the house, which is filled with wooden furniture, much more pleasant.

As you have seen, there are many details to take into account, but if well planned, your decor with wooden furniture can have excellent results. How about trying it out?