Black in the decor: see how this color can be used in every room in the house

black bedroom

What would you think when looking at a bathroom or bedroom all in black? There are people who would have negative reactions. However, many people think that this color is the most sophisticated option for interior decoration.

In fact, it can contribute in very positive ways to the composition of scenarios. If you want to learn a little about it, just keep reading this text. Be sure to check out the tips given below.

The symbology of the black color for decoration 

Let’s, at this point, completely change your thinking about the color black. Its symbology can change according to application – whether in Advertising, Medicine or Architecture.

When it comes to interior decoration, black, as we’ve said, can make spaces look more sophisticated, modern and refined. No wonder that this color is widely used in current proposals.

Within the color classification, the different shades of black are considered neutral – from absolute black to gray.

In this case, it can be said that black is an excellent choice as a background for other colors, helping to make them stand out even more. But in specific cases, he will be the main protagonist of the scenario – everything will depend on the “dose” applied.

The ideal way to combine black in interior decoration  

There are beautiful examples of interior decoration combinations using black. One is black and orange, best known for Halloween parties.

Also black and yellow, a very youthful combination. And black or dark gray with antique pink, a classic duo, seen a lot in retro-style decor proposals. In the examples we can still see the black color contrasted with the texture of various materials, such as ceramic bricks.

The black color applied to every room in the house

Now we know that black decor can be cheerful, depending on the combination with other colors. We also know of its extremely favorable symbology, making the environments look more modern. 

So, that’s the final question: in which rooms of the house can we apply the color black? Nowadays, it is easy to think about this possibility, since there are many coverings, furniture, equipment and accessories of this color being sold.

In the past, we only considered using black in environments such as a TV room, for example, to make the place more intimate. But, precisely because it also brings this idea of ​​sophistication, this color started to be applied to the entrance hall as well.

There are still beautiful black compact kitchen designs. And you can even see good examples of baby rooms with black furniture, such as cribs.

Let’s look again at the images in this text. As an illustration, we bring examples of different rooms decorated in black. You can also see, in the photos, laundry cases, home office, double bedroom, closet and balcony.

Note that color is present in floors, walls, furniture, openings and lighting and in many other details of these decorations. Get inspired in these cases.

Just be careful with the effects that color can have on the interiors of your home. The amount of black surfaces can make the environments too dark, beyond what you want.

As a result, it may be more difficult to light them. Then use other colors to contrast, creating points of light in the scene.

Black can also help create visual illusions, such as making a decorated room look wider, deeper, or taller. This, of course, depends on where the color is applied – such as on side walls, back walls or ceilings.

Know one thing: houses decorated in black are not for everyone. They are for those who have a lot of personality, self-confidence and control over their emotions. Both modern and classic decorations, formal or informal, can look beautiful in black. If you are a lover of this color and are not afraid to use it, bet on this idea.

In the hall, apply black-printed paper to one of the walls. In bedrooms, put black on rugs, bedding, headboards and nightstands. In the living room, have a rack with a black TV panel as well.

In the kitchen and laundry, all cabinet and appliance modules. In the dining room, the table and chairs. And, in the bathrooms, the tub and the toilet. Viva Decora Magazine