Check out our lighting tips that will transform your home

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Want to know some lighting tips to transform your home? Using elements strategically can be the ideal solution for a residence to gain greater brightness and sophistication.

The stage of decorating a property is usually preferred by the owners, precisely because it is possible to customize the different rooms in the place to make the space totally according to the residents’ taste.

To have a prettier home, it is not necessary to invest only in furniture or decorative items. With the right lighting, it is possible to achieve surprising effects, leaving the rooms shiny and cozy.

residential architectural project can help with this task, as it is possible to plan in advance what will be the layout of the lighting fixtures and light points that will be installed in the house.

Even for those who already have a property ready, adapting and placing lampshades, curtains and other decorative items are important to achieve the objective of offering varied options in relation to the lighting of the place.

Do you want to know some lighting tips to apply in your home? So, read this article and put into practice the ones that make the most sense for your property.

Home automation and lighting

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If you are looking for lighting solutions for your home, you have certainly heard about the advantages of home automation.

The lighting automation is a possibility in this scenario, since it brings very practical benefits to the family routine and the administration of the house.

Among the main ones are:

  • Automatic opening and closing of blinds;
  • Light control;
  • Turn lights on or off from a distance;
  • Installation of smart lamps.

The lighting of a house can be controlled in a simple way when investing in home automation, precisely because it is possible to adjust the intensity of a light bulb, close a blind and turn off a light without having to be physically in the room.

This can all be done with a few clicks in a control center or through an app on your smartphone.

In this sense, in addition to facilitating the routine, home automation adds value to the property, making it more cozy and modernized.

Natural lighting

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It is very important that a house has natural light. In addition to bringing home savings, having some rooms that receive solar radiation is essential to avoid mold and humidity.

For properties that are still under construction, it is important to opt for wider frames, which allow more natural light to enter.

For those that are ready, it’s important to keep the Roman blinds or bedroom curtains open during the day, so that the rooms in your home receive more light.

light control

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Just as important as letting natural light into your home’s rooms is being able to control the lighting intensity at different times of the day.

A simple and economical way to do this is to invest in installing curtains in your living room or bedroom, as well as purchasing office blinds, which in addition to making the decoration more elegant, also allow you to adjust the amount of light in each room.

Another way is to invest in regular luminous intensity, which allow the ideal adjustment of the amount of light you want and help to save the property’s electricity.

Clear lighting and spaciousness

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A tip for houses or apartments of smaller sizes is to invest in choosing lighter bulbs.

This is because when there is greater incidence of light in the rooms, it is possible to have a feeling of amplitude, which enhances the interior space of the property.

In this sense, it is important to have walls covered with paints in lighter tones, which when aligned with the use of white lamps, contribute to this effect in the environments.

This is essential even for kitchens and bathrooms, which are usually the smallest rooms in a house.


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Spotlights gained great prominence in home lighting, mainly because with a very simple structure, they are able to make the property very elegant and refined.

If you have sculptures or paintings in your living room, a great way to add value to these decorative items is to choose points of light that direct people’s attention to them.

This is also a valid idea for reading areas in your home and for the decoration of rooms, thus making it possible to make these environments more comfortable.

With the lighting tips covered in this article, it is possible to transform the entire decoration of your home, valuing each environment in a special way and ensuring more beauty for the property.