Decoration: Know how to combine Scandinavian style with minimalism

nordic style living room

For some time now, the Scandinavian style has gained prominence in Brazilian houses. The concept created in northern Europe migrated from the cold countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway to reach tropical lands.

Inspired by Nordic references, with the use of wooden floors and large spaces, the trend is increasingly gaining the heart of those who want comfort, sophistication and the main thing: simplicity.

Learn more about this style and learn how to apply the decor concepts in your home!

Scandinavian style: sophistication and functionality

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style emerged in the mid-twentieth century, in the northern region of Europe. Much because of this, its name is also known as “Nordic style”, inspired by the coldest countries on the European continent.

This decorating trend has gained notoriety in recent years, largely due to the natural appreciation of the environment, which values ​​natural light, together with functional furniture.

In addition, the use of neutral color palettes brings a feeling of comfort, warmth and spaciousness.

But, the great potential of Scandinavian decoration is in the mix of traditional and minimalist styles, for a personalized and highly sophisticated environment.

In this way, one can see numerous modernist concepts from the Bauhaus school, precursor of minimalism, in a conjunction of Nordic decorations.

But, how to decorate the house in the Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian style

Despite the extremely sophisticated appearance, the Scandinavian style is ideal for those who want to spend little money on decoration.

This is because the issue of simplicity and minimalism is imperative in the concept, without the need for great ornamentation – and as a consequence, there is a reduction in costs.

For example, a Nordic-style metallic spiral staircase does not need to be enhanced with grandiose pomp, as in Baroque decoration.

On the contrary, together with light wood material, straight lines and a sober design, it is possible to make a minimalist staircase, very Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style matches small environments?

Scandinavian style

Yes, and a lot! In fact, it is even suitable for small spaces, such as apartments. The mix of neutral colors, light wood and the option for straight lines in the furniture gives the feeling of spaciousness of the place, contributing to a sensation of grandeur.

And this feeling is due a lot to the color palette. In minimalist Scandinavian decor, the main tones are:

  • White as the base color;
  • Gray for the interior of the environment;
  • Black details to create contrast;
  • Woody, for a feeling of comfort.

The mix of tones is able not only to create a spacious environment, but also to break the monotony of the place.

An all-white paint on the outside may not be so cozy, but try putting a grayish polycarbonate cover – the result is amazing!

Less is more… Economy!

Scandinavian style

In addition to saving on less decorative ornaments, the minimalist Scandinavian style is great for cutting down on electricity costs.

That’s right, an effective way to have more natural light and reduce the use of light bulbs, air conditioners, among others.

One of the characteristics of the Scandinavian decoration is precisely the predominance of naturally lit environments. And it can be done very simply and easily!

For example, when we choose to glaze SP balconies , we can put a highly resistant glass, combining white and neutral colors in the area.

So, while we are protected from the strong UV rays, we also enjoy the sunlight itself, which comes in through the balcony!

Hence the great minimalism saying “less is more”, borrowed from Mies Van der Rohe, really makes sense.

Less ornamentation, more style!

Can I decorate the whole house a la Scandinavian?

Scandinavian style

It is clear! Scandinavian style is not just reserved for bedrooms, lounges and open areas.

On the contrary, many planned kitchens adopt this type of decoration, especially due to the issue of functionality and practicality.

Imagine cooking in a totally disorganized and extremely crowded environment? Not so with Scandinavian decor!

You will have an environment fully designed for the rational use of space, with an airy, pleasant and clean feeling. You can taste it in a kitchen like this!

Also, there is the cost of materials. A kitchen with minimalist and Nordic concepts can all be planned with the use of non-stick metals. So, just contact aluminum frame companies and get a quote.

Because it uses many natural materials, it is not difficult to make an economical budget. In other words, it’s the perfect wedding for every room in your home.