Give your dining room a special touch with black and white paintings

decor ideas for dining rooms

The walls of a house, when empty, are like a museum without works of art. But these surfaces can gain more grace and meaning if filled with frames and other meaningful elements.

In certain environments, such as the living room and the dining room, this need for a decor with personality is felt even more. How about making these areas of your home more attractive with black and white frames?

black and white frames

Vivid, intense colors or black and white?

Yes, social areas “ask” for a more colorful and fun decor. After all, the purpose of these spaces is to bring friends and family together for happy get-togethers.

But the most vivid and intense colors can be concentrated in small details of the customization of these environments. Everything else, the biggest pieces and the background of these backdrops, may well be in neutral colors.

Some people feel more comfortable around minimalist elements, with few ornamental details and a limited color palette. And this preference can extend to the style of clothes you wear and the environments in which they live.

So, it is natural that the environments in their homes, such as the dining room, also carry this same look, expressing their preference in every detail. And this includes the art elements.

Therefore, residential decoration is, perhaps, the result of a sum of tastes. If a couple, for example, admires black and white paintings and photographs, they can obviously spread pieces like these around their home without any problems.

Just don’t forget to look for ways to balance energies in all sectors of the property, adding items to brighten, in the right way, each of its little corners.

black and white frames

Tips on how to use black and white artwork in the dining room

All dining room decoration is concentrated in two types of furniture: the dining table and its chairs. Around this, another object is not always necessary.

So it’s normal for this environment to look emptier. And to enrich the decor, making the scenery look more attractive, the free walls around it can be used as if they were a mini art gallery.

Of course, an all black and white dining room would not be ideal under any circumstances. Certain shades, when used in its decoration, beneficially influence people, making them happier and encouraging them to eat well. But these colors can only be used on the table, chairs and other elements in the place, such as a chandelier and rug.

black and white frames

Therefore, in order not to overload the environment, only paintings and other complementary decorations in neutral colors, such as black and white, could be used in the dining room.

The amount of works, in this case, will depend on the size of the free wall area available. Also of the model of grouping of frames that was conceived as a backdrop for the dining table.

black and white frames

What black and white frame templates to use?

The dining room is primarily an environment dedicated to sharing food. It is in this space that most family meals will be served.

And to emphasize this function, it is common for interior designers and architects to suggest mirrors as a decoration for the place – aiming to reflect the dishes on the table. Also pictures with illustrations that refer to the idea of ​​plenty.

Therefore, it is most likely to install paintings in dining rooms with images of a union of people, happy landscapes and tasty foods.

Now, nothing prevents other models from being used in the environment – ​​everything according to the preference of the property owners, of course. Abstract works, for example, are always very welcome for any style of decoration.

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black and white frames black and white frames

Look again at the images in this text. They give a dimension to how black and white paintings can be used in the dining room.

Something that stands out in all the images is that, regardless of the room’s ceiling height, there was a concern with the height of the artwork’s installation. What, by the way, should be done more at the level of the eyes of the people who are sitting at the table.

black and white frames black and white frames

Another interesting detail is regarding the design of the frames of these arts. In all cases, pieces with a smooth finish, without ornaments, were preferred.

Perhaps the intention of the professionals was to find an alternative that would match any modern decor, and also to avoid the accumulation of dust in a dining area. Anyway, reflect on these alternatives and what would be suitable for your dining room to be perfect!

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