How to balance your productivity and practice self-care

benefits of practicing self care

Encouraging productivity, organization, conducting online courses, exercising and maintaining other activities at home, are an incentive for those who are practicing social isolation, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, these recommendations have taken on a much larger and excessive proportion, something that can harm mental health.

Therefore, it is important to filter the possible tasks to be performed, that is, to maintain good productivity in the execution of tasks, without neglecting self-care.

After all, we are living in a period of global crisis, in which we are faced with many external and internal conflicts.

Thus, balance is essential, even more to deal with anguish, anxiety, while it is necessary to perform essential tasks (such as work, household chores, among others).

Today’s article will give you some tips on how to balance your productivity and practice self-care in times of pandemic. Follow the reading!

1 – Prioritize quality, not quantity

Even with the intense demand to do something during social isolation, it is best to prioritize the quality of activities, not quantity.

This recommendation is already an old acquaintance within occupational medicine companies, since it is much better to deliver something well done, rather than carrying out a series of tasks, however of poor quality.

If you are working from home, in the home office mode, establish the main goals for the day, together with your team, and focus on carrying out these tasks. Don’t be worried about doing something else if you’re not in the mood.

It is important to choose a few activities and tasks that make sense to you, as well as match your reality.

2 – Organize your routine

Even at home, we don’t sit still. We always have to carry out some activity, such as working, paying attention to chores, housework, studying, etc.

In times of isolation, these tasks are even greater, especially with all the residents at home.

Because of this, it is important to organize your routine so that you can maintain productivity and practice self-care at the appropriate times.

For example, if you have pilates machines at home, it is interesting to establish a time for physical activity (after work, for those who work).

Periods of leisure and distraction should also get into your routine, when you are free.

If you are doing some activity, such as studying or working, we recommend:

  • Avoid distractions such as TV and social media;
  • Have a suitable place to work;
  • Notify family members and residents about your schedule;
  • Find comfortable furniture.

In this last aspect, it may be interesting to make an armchair reform, to maintain productivity and self-care, after all, the use of inadequate equipment can cause pain due to poor posture.

3 – Prioritize your sleep

In times of pandemic, we are inundated with diverse information, news and content. This can attack our anxiety and make us even more stressed as we have to deal with mixed feelings.

Because of this, it is important to prioritize moments of rest, especially bedtime.

Ideally, avoid watching TV, using social media, or looking for news before bed. Give preference to entertainment programs, or seek to meditate and have a relaxing time.

If necessary, look for natural products that can offer elements for aromatherapy, which also help to contain anxiety.

If you are in need of professional help, as you have noticed a great deal of suffering with sleep disorders, look for online therapy and support groups.

4 – Practice physical stretching

The practice of physical exercise is essential at all times in life, as the movement of the body helps to control chronic diseases, among other problems resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

However, in times of social isolation, we do not always have the necessary spirit or space to train alone. An alternative is to look for simpler activities, such as stretching.

In addition to being a great exercise for flexibility and body awareness, stretching also reduces muscle shortening, improves circulation and posture, reduces tension and muscle nodules that cause pain.

Furthermore, stretching contributes to a relaxed state, reducing anxiety, stress and depression.


Times of crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, require greater attention to self-care.

However, productivity cannot be neglected, especially when we have to perform mandatory tasks.

With simple habits, you can achieve the balance needed to maintain productivity and take care of your mental health, as important as taking care of your body.