How to insert plants that purify the air in your apartment?

air cleansing plants

It is not new to anyone that growing plants at home is a very interesting way to decorate your environment. But did you know that they also clean the air in your apartment?

It’s important to say that they can be positioned in various places, from the balcony to the kitchen, after all, the plants bring several benefits to the environment where they are, from air purification to maintaining room temperature.

Indoor plants are a technique widely used today in the field of residential landscaping, however, it is important to know a little more about each species.

With that in mind, first, let’s understand how plants impact your apartment’s environment.

How can plants impact your daily life?

Studies carried out by NASA itself point out several ways that our green friends can improve our daily lives. A commonly known example is the filtration of carbon dioxide, which plants use for photosynthesis.

Whether you are a landscaping and gardening company that will help you place the best species in your home or yourself, it is extremely useful to research in advance which ones can actually help the home environment.

Especially when we think that each person lives in a different place, so both climate and urban issues can impact care and correct and assertive choice.

And we are here to make your decision easier and show you some plants that can be grown by you, regardless of whether they will be placed in pots on the floor, hanging from the ceiling or on a stainless steel shelf.

Which plants to choose?

When choosing, think about the environment you live in and if it makes sense for you to invest in one or another plant. Below is a list of some of our colleagues who help filter and purify the air.

Therefore, the main ones are:

  • Aloe Vera;
  • Sword of Saint George;
  • Peace lily;
  • Palma Bamboo;
  • Ivy.

01 – Aloe Vera

This is a succulent plant that needs little water and plenty of sun to keep it beautiful and healthy. Mainly known by the name Aloe Vera, it reaches approximately 1.5m in length and can be placed both on the balcony and in the living room.

It is advisable to take care when pruning, keeping the leaves short and paying attention to the viscous juice that leaks when cut. It is widely used in folk medicine, so it is important that it stay away from babies and children.

02 – Sword of Saint George

Being quite easy to cultivate and requiring little care, Espada de São Jorge is a plant that suits different types of environment, both in apartments, country houses and offices.

Being categorized as large plants, just pay attention to its growth, as it develops very quickly and it is necessary to prune its leaves quite often.

03 – Peace Lily

This is a plant commonly found in places with warm or warm temperatures, not being seen in cold places. Although it is beautiful and flashy, it is quite toxic and is contraindicated for those who have children or pets in the apartment.

Another very interesting feature, in addition to filtering the air, is that it can be grown in large or small pots, so it can also be placed in your living room or kitchen, or on your balcony.

04 – Palma Bamboo

As it can be grown in different environments, it prefers slightly warmer climates. It can be placed both in the living room and in the kitchen and also on the balcony, although it is necessary to be careful with its growth.

Shaded places are ideal for its growth, therefore, control its development through pruning, even because, when it gets old, it releases small dry and dead branches. Thus, it takes some dedication to take care of it.

05 – Ivy

This is a plant that is grown mainly in small pots, because its leaves grow a lot until they come out of the pot.

It beautifies the place a lot and is ideal for hanging on walls or ceilings. Furthermore, it is easy to care for, requiring water in a common dose.


Now that you know how to use the ideal plants to purify the air in your apartment, choose some that best suit your lifestyle. Now, it’s up to you to bet on the most interesting and beautiful one!