How to prevent and eliminate mold in your apartment

how to prevent mold

The mold is a very common problem in many places and it is a term widely used to refer to several species of fungi. It is one of the main responsible for the stains and odors that are often found, whether on carpets, furniture or even ceilings and walls.

Interestingly, although mold and mildew are often pointed out as equal, there are distinctions indicated, such as the point at which mold is capable of damaging structures and is more difficult to remove, while mold corresponds to the early stages of this scenario.

In any case, they pose the same dilemma in structures. Commonly in the case of mold it is possible to observe greyish, whitish or greenish tones, in addition to relief and an odor that can be really unpleasant.

It is not only uncomfortable for aesthetics and structure, but for health, since depending on the conditions, it can contribute to respiratory problems, such as:

  • Sinusitis;
  • Rhinitis;
  • Asthma;
  • Bronchitis.

Space maintenance, especially preventive maintenance, is crucial to ensure a pleasant and functional environment. In addition, it enhances prevention and cost reduction as it avoids the aggravation of various situations.

To deal with this type of issue, it is important that you know the main factors that have an impact on the appearance of mold in the apartment, such as:


Moisture contributes not only to mold growth but also to surface blistering. Some dangerous attitudes in this case can be very inviting in everyday life, especially with lower temperatures, such as long hot baths and closed windows.

Consider that this problem can be aggravated with poor ventilation in the room. Thus, one of the main tips is that you seek a more favorable air circulation for the apartment.

The areas that deserve extra attention are the kitchen and bathroom, which are categorized as the wettest and consequently, where mold problems are most common.


Coating and construction

The steps taken to coat the structure also have an impact when dealing with mold, after all, the surfaces need to be prepared to avoid this and other problems.

Furthermore, at the time of construction, waterproofing with a blanket is one of the most common processes to prevent moisture from causing damage, not only in relation to mold, but infiltration from affecting primary structures, such as concrete reinforcement.

Tightness tests are crucial during construction, which reinforces the need for qualified professionals, such as those from engineering companies in SP. After all, it is the way to check whether the procedure was effective.

How to deal with mold?

There are some simpler cases where you can bet on certain superficial solutions, but which can significantly ease the picture. After all, mold not only compromises structure and aesthetics, it can also be dangerous to your health.

One of the tips is to use a brush with stiff bristles on the surfaces to remove the mold. Afterwards, you can leave a little bleach for a few minutes and then wash the wall.

Another possibility is to use hydrogen peroxide or disinfectant diluted in water, as in the previous case, a brush can be used for application. It is worth noting that these are temporary cleaning solutions.

With regard to compromised furniture, one of the first steps is to identify the location that is damaged and move the furniture away. After all, if you keep leaning, the tendency is for the proliferation of fungi.

Cleaning furniture with specific products is also recommended, especially cabinets to prevent clothing damage.

The waterproofing of terraces and walls is one of the most effective processes in this case. For this reason, after the procedures presented above, it is important to apply a waterproofing agent.


What to do in more serious cases?

In more serious cases, it is essential to seek the service of specialized professionals, but there is a need to have a clear direction according to the location affected by the mold.

An example of a process that can be used temporarily is the removal of mortar and paint in the compromised place so that a waterproofing agent is used. Afterwards, professionals leave the surface smooth to be painted again.

For aggravated cases in the building, contacting a SP building maintenance company may be favorable, but if the mold has affected the furniture, it is necessary to look for professionals who clean these items, such as sofas.

With the above information, you can see that one of the protagonists when dealing with the emergence of mold is moisture. Thus, on a daily basis, worrying about ventilation and items such as properly dried and sanitized fabrics can be decisive.