Joy at the dinner table: how to create the perfect decoration for the meal time.

diner table decoration

It is impossible to live without eating well; this is our body’s fuel. And knowing the importance of this is that we improve the recipes and make this act of eating something very special.

You can say that the happiest moments in our lives involve food – birthdays, weddings and graduations, for example. And such joy must somehow be translated into the setting of the dining table in the house. Know more.

Formal and informal? How to set the dinner table?

There are people who don’t mind having their meals on a tray, sitting on the sofa in front of the TV.

But a family becomes more disciplined and united if it knows how to sit at the table and share food. And this moment also has other advantages, such as creating the opportunity for people to talk and exchange information about their daily lives.

And it doesn’t even take much to set up a dining table. First you need to protect the base from the heat and splashes of grease with a thick towel or a placemat plus supports. Finally, dispose of all dishes, cutlery, glasses, pans and platters on this. And then everyone can help themselves and eat.

Now, a better-produced table has more details and even a certain rigor in the organization of the elements. Dishes, even if the table is covered with a tablecloth, must rest on an exquisite sousplat.

The cutlery must be metallic and the glasses must be crystal. Table and table forks on the left; table and fish knife plus soup spoon on the right; and knife, fork and dessert spoon in front.

Other things that are taken seriously in this case is the location of the bowls – front and right. Also the place marker – like a small plaque customized in colors and typology referring to the style of the decoration.

The centerpiece of the table, the folding of the napkin – which is made of cloth and usually tied with a metallic bow – and even the shape of the platters – mostly in ceramic and silver.

Special touches at the dining table

It is possible to create a very elaborate decoration for the dining table in our house. Thus, a more simplified production, for the day-to-day, or increased, for special moments.

In both situations, the centerpiece can be the most important ornamental touch. And the same can be composed of a table wreath with candles, or an arrangement with boxwoods and flowers, or even some fruit.

Since the center of the table is occupied by these elements, then all platters with food should be left to be placed on a nearby buffet counter.

The shades of these ornamental items need to match the tablecloth, the edge of the plates and/or the napkins. And this same concept is taken to the arrangement of the meal dishes on the other countertop – as a unique setting.

It’s nice to try to play with the alternatives. The centerpiece itself can now be edible, also serving as an aperitif. And all the dishes that will be used during the various stages of the meal must first be stacked, one on top of the other, from the largest to the smallest.

So, it’s interesting to use pieces with different borders and colors, to create a certain movement for the decoration.

Decorated table for home parties

As we said at the beginning of the text, many important events in our lives involve food; and several of them can be celebrated at home, with the family.

So, on these occasions, the dining table should be decorated even more. And, thus, inevitably, they end up becoming the main focal point of the party – it is the case of the Christmas dinner table, for example.

For these cases, it is essential to study the theme of the party and all the elements that can refer to this and what could be transformed into decoration. A celebratory dining table can have even louder and more playful table decorations – they just can’t compromise the hygiene of the place.

Furthermore, it is interesting to create a backdrop for this table, perhaps a panel with an arch of flowers, balloons and other elements. Be creative: imagination has no limits!