Make your living room beautiful with colorful sofas

bright colored couch

Imagine a room where everything fits together. Wonderful, isn’t it?! But for this, the environment would need to have all the elements in the same color, texture and style?

Of course not. Sometimes, the contrast can be more interesting and even coherent enough for us to understand that everything is capable of combining in the scenario. We will see, in this text, how it is possible to harmonize any sofa model with a certain room decoration.

The most popular colors of sofas

Have you ever noticed how most sofas on sale in stores seem to follow a certain chromatic pattern? It’s just that it’s easier to match certain colors in interior decorations.

For example, a brown or beige sofa would fit more easily into any style of room, without impacting too much on the scene. Another advantage is that, if this piece doesn’t attract so much attention, other elements around it can stand out.

The wild sofas

Now, you may be wondering why brown and beige sofas are the most sought after choices in stores, instead of black and white. Yes, these two colors mentioned, in fact, are also neutral colors.

However, they can have disadvantages. Depending on the upholstery fabric, a white sofa may be more difficult to clean. A black one can make the environment too dark.

The only sofa shade that breaks this rule is grey. But lately people have even been looking for other shades, in order to get away from the traditional patterns, daring in furniture in other colors.

This is the case with sofas in colors such as turquoise, burgundy, purple, light pink and more. Of course, these pieces are harder to match with any decor, as they steal the show. But the result could be worth it.

Colorful sofas can be the main focus of living room decorations.

They can take the focus off other points, such as TV panels, guiding the viewer to retain their gaze to other more interesting points in the room, such as a resting and reading area. And they don’t need to be isolated in a corner, but accompanied by other pieces – combining colors and prints.

The reason many people prefer colored sofas over neutral colored sofas is the message they want to convey with the decor.

These pieces of furniture can emit with much more force the idea of ​​a more elegant, cool, happy, fun, irreverent and humorous space. But to obtain this super nice visual effect, it is necessary to study the entire environment very well, as everything in it must dialogue.

Tips for choosing the best sofa with for your living room

It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen a neutral or colorful sofa for your home. Neither option is wrong, actually. What really counts is how you managed to harmonize this piece with your home’s living room decor.

There are several ways to do this. We will explain some of them. For starters, you can only use this piece in bright colors against a neutral background.

One more alternative, as you might have guessed, is to place a neutral sofa in front of a colored or printed background in a contrasting tone. Remembering that the wall in the room does not necessarily have to be painted.

If you prefer, for example, you can install a colored panel behind this piece of furniture, in shades of colors that refer to the sofa covering or its complementary pieces.

Yes, you can use a neutral-colored sofa in your living room and combine it with the rest of the decor through the complements “thrown” on it.

This list includes blankets, covers and pillows. And these smaller pieces can combine with various other functional or just ornamental elements around. This is the case of rugs and curtains, which can repeat the same color and pattern or create a sort of gradient.

In addition to the colors, we should also talk about the designs of the new sofas. The contemporaneity proposes the creation of pattern-free decorations, that is, in the most varied styles.

So, following this thought, manufacturers started to offer different sofas. There are turned ones, for classic decorations. Those with a retro or vintage bias. And even those with straight edges, which go with various decorations.

Now it’s your turn to think about the best sofa model for your living room. What lines, colors, textures and accessories should this piece of furniture have? Research the options offered by the market and start this project right now.