Penthouse: find out more about this type of property

a penthouse

With population growth, it has become very common to live in residential buildings or condominiums and most of the residents with high purchasing power are investing in the universe of luxury apartments, more precisely in the famous penthouses.

Very popular in the United States, this architectural model is gaining its place in Brazil, especially among those who value comfort and want to invest in a property with good available space — in addition to other amenities that are hardly found in common buildings.

But, after all, do you know what a penthouse is and what its main advantages are? No? So, keep following the post and dig deeper into the subject. We are sure that, after reading it, you will be encouraged to bet on this model. Check out!

After all, what is a penthouse?

It’s not difficult to find a penthouse in the real estate market—just a brief search and you’ll quickly spot builders and developments with some of these units available to the public.

Basically, this term refers to properties that are built on the top floor of a building, more precisely on the roof. Due to their location, often privileged, these apartments also tend to be more expensive than the traditional ones, in addition to having luxurious details that catch the eyes of the select public.

This concept originated in the 1920s, when there was a boom in the construction of buildings in both the United States and Europe. Faced with this situation, engineers and architects had the idea of ​​making better use of existing developments, using their available spaces on the roofs and transforming the areas into sophisticated residences.

The first penthouse built was on the roof of a famous New York hotel, the Plaza. Soon after, and in the face of such success, this model spread around the world, conquering interested parties from various age groups and locations.

Penthouse vs. penthouse: what’s the difference?

When we talk about the penthouse, it is common for some people to confuse this model with the traditional penthouses. Although they carry a very similar style, that is, with the location on top of the buildings, these two versions are distinct and should be analyzed with caution. The first step is to know in depth the characteristics — and differences — of each one of them.

The popular penthouses, for example, have a very large useful area and, in some cases, they can even have a leisure area, as is the case of units that have swimming pools. There is also the so-called duplex penthouse, which consists of a property comprising the top two floors of a building.

On the other hand, the penthouse has different details. In general, this type of residence is located only at the top of the building, presenting a much larger usable area than the roof and, in certain situations, even wider than some houses located on the ground floor.

Given this information, the external spaces of this alternative also tend to be larger, offering its residents maximum comfort and well-being.

When moving to a property like this, you will have the possibility of having an apartment with a swimming pool, whirlpool, decks, small gardens and so on. See below for other details that only a penthouse can provide:

  • privileged location in upscale neighborhoods;
  • panoramic view of the city;
  • private elevator;
  • large windows, favoring natural lighting;
  • double ceiling height;
  • swimming pool and leisure area.

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Is it worth having a penthouse?

If you are a person who likes to combine decoration and technology, the penthouse is the right choice. Once investing in this modality, it will be possible to customize the space according to your preferences, creating different living areas and keeping the most practical and functional environments.

Residents living in homes of this type can create gourmet spaces, exclusive spaces for children, reading corners, and even private offices or spas.

All this using modern features that are excellent to facilitate the daily lives of individuals and further enhance the property. Automated lighting system, digital locks and security cameras are some of the elements that cannot be left out.

It is also interesting to remember that these properties are one of the most valued over time, whether because of their privileged location, private leisure options or even due to their size, as the traditional apartments are showing smaller and smaller footage. Worth it!

Before you finish reading, don’t forget: to invest in a penthouse, it is essential to plan a good financial plan, always considering the style and needs of all members of your family.

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