Secrets to having a more beautiful, sophisticated and functional lobby

hotel lobby design

Today, more than ever, we know the importance of residential reception areas. We arrive at the house and then leave in the hall all those belongings that we don’t want to carry indoors.

In addition, this environment also works as a kind of visual barrier for those looking in from the outside and the announcement of all the decoration that is to come – including exquisite panels, a vertical garden and much more.

The following text will help you with what can be done to build an entrance hall. Find out how to better explore this area of ​​your home so that it is even more beautiful and functional.

Good uses for the lobby

The entrance hall is the first environment we access in a house and it can have features that delight us. Often there are no windows, just a few doors that allow the visitor to access the rest of the property.

It’s like a chamber that prevents hot or cold air coming from the street from going straight into the interiors. In the Nordic countries there is even a door separating this room from the others, making it a hat shop.

In the hall we can leave our bags and backpacks, our coats and scarves, our hats and shoes; also, wallets and keys to be sanitized. But when the environment is too big, it would be a sin not to try to make the most of your area. In this case, you can think about putting a tea table and armchairs in the place, or even a wall piano and bookcases. What do you think?

It should be noted that, in any case, circulation in the entrance hall should never be blocked, no matter what other functions were given to this environment. For starters, the entrance door needs to open up to ninety degrees.

On the opposite wall you can have a mirror, making the area appear larger. And, on the way to the next room, having pilasters with statues, chairs and even fountains, as long as they don’t compromise the minimum passage.

Makeshift entrance hall for home

Many house plans do not provide for a reception environment like the entrance hall. In this case, it is likely to open the front door of the residence and come face to face with the room. This does not mean, however, that the existence of a hall cannot be simulated.

It’s simple to do this. All it takes is the creation of a spatial division, which can be done by simply marking the floor and wall.

In many interior decoration projects, the installation of some type of barrier is foreseen, reserving a certain area of ​​the room for the new hall. This barrier can be made with a screen, vertical trellis, vertical garden or frosted glass panel, for example.

When it is understood that this can compromise the look of the room, making it appear smaller, furniture items are used to separate the functional areas – reception, dining and seating.

Lighting can also have a big impact on the creation of this new entrance hall helping to emphasize this visual effect.

You can use lampshades, sconces and ceiling and floor lamps, as well as spots and even LED strips, depending on the case – the decoration proposal will decide. And these lights help to highlight special corners created with the decoration, such as a panel of stone mosaics or wooden planks.

Lobby layout, furniture and customization

The layout of a lobby is usually quite simple. Due to the available space, usually only the wall opposite or beside the entrance door receives any furniture, such as a sideboard.

Therefore, it is important to know how to explore other surfaces well with elements such as paintings, plants and mirrors. In the center you can place a rug and perhaps a small round table with an ornamental function.

They also combine with the decoration of the entrance hall with potted foliage. But that might be too neutral. In the sideboard area, it pays to have more colorful items such as baskets, frames and arrangements.

Just don’t put family photos and travel souvenirs in this area of ​​your home. Leave items like this for more intimate areas like the family room and bedroom.

Have you thought about what your new lobby will look like? Stop imagining, realize this idea!