Smart property: the impacts of technology on the comfort of your home

benefits of a smart home

The technology never ceases to amaze us. Every season, new trends are launched with the purpose of providing more comfort, practicality and safety to individuals. And one of these news concerns the so-called intelligent property.

Basically, this type of home is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, which is responsible for integrating numerous tools into our routine — such as appliances connected to communication networks and the automated lighting system. In other words, living in a property guided by such infrastructure is quite a differential, especially among those who seek modern alternatives capable of facilitating daily activities.

Thinking about it, and to let you know the subject, we brought in this post all the relevant information about smart real estate. Follow the reading, learn more and find out how to take advantage of these benefits!

After all, what is a smart home?

Have you ever imagined being able to open your home door just using your fingerprint? Or, to be able to program the lights in each room to turn on and off at the right time? At first it looks like we’re talking about practicalities worthy of sci-fi movies, doesn’t it?

But for those who don’t know, these and so many other modernities can be part of what we call intelligent property. In summary, this type of residence is defined as a space that houses several devices properly connected to the internet. Refrigerators, televisions, air conditioning and lighting systems are some examples.

In Brazil, this solution is, little by little, arriving in the sector and becoming better known among buyers. In the United States, the concept of smart home is much stronger. In fact, a network of real estate franchises, Coldwell Banker, decided to standardize this term, stipulating some criteria that must be followed so that a space is, in fact, categorized as “smart”. According to the company, it is essential that the environment has at least two of the following elements:

  • refrigerators, televisions or any other appliance connected to the internet;
  • intelligent alarm systems;
  • automated lighting, air conditioning and irrigation.

Remember: by investing in this idea you will be able to have more comfort and practicality in your daily life, as well as save a lot and make your property valued over time. Your pocket thanks!

How to make your property smarter?

Now that you understand the concept of a smart home, the question that remains is: how to apply this technology in your property to make your daily life easier? In this case, it is possible to start investing in simple applications, but which will already make a huge difference in your routine. See some examples below!

Biometric locks 

When it comes to smart real estate, the first — and most affordable — device that can pop up in your home is the so-called biometric lock. Here, the use of keys will be dispensed with, as it is enough to put your finger on the device’s sensor for the door to open.

To avoid problems, the ideal is that all residents have their fingerprint registered in the system. Now, if there are any employees working at your house, there is the possibility of configuring their access for specific days of the week.

Has someone entered the space without your proper authorization? When this happens, the system will immediately send an alert to the smartphone of all residents informing that there is an intruder in the place. More practicality and security than that? Difficult!

Automatically turn off and on devices 

This tip goes especially to those who want more savings at the end of the month: the automatic activation of devices. By adopting this strategy, it will be possible to install some sensors in the house which, in turn, will be responsible for controlling the performance of various equipment, such as television or air conditioning.

Once this is done, you will be able to program, through the smartphone, the time each device should turn off or on, according to the needs of the residents. Believe me: with this “trick”, at the end of the month it will be possible to save a lot with the electricity bill.

Cell-controlled lights 

Another way to make your property smart is to invest in cell-controlled lighting. There is no secret: with this technology, it will be possible to increase or decrease the intensity of the lights in any room through your smartphone. The best? This activity can be performed remotely, even miles away from your home. Very interesting!

Did you see? Conquering smart property can be easier than it sounds. This trend is now coming to the Brazilian market, but some features are already available to make your daily life easier!