Surprise your friends with these 3 tips for an open house

best open house ideas

After a long time in search of the dream property, you finally managed to reach this goal. And after choosing all the coverings, furnishing the house and even taking care of the details that involve the decoration, there is nothing better than organizing a meeting so that your friends and family can also get to know your newest corner, that is, make the famous open house!

Very common in the United States and now also in Brazil, this practice is excellent for bringing together the closest people, creating incredible moments and celebrating. But make no mistake: much more than just ordering a pizza and calling the class, you can make this event memorable, welcoming and memorable.

However, in order for this get-together to be, in fact, satisfactory, it is important to follow some basic steps, such as thinking about the menu and even a special soundtrack. Exactly for this reason we decided to share with our readers some golden tips to organize an open house with total practicality and efficiency. Just keep following and write down our recommendations!

Understand what an open house is

In real estate, the term “open house” — or “open house” — is well known. Basically, we can define this concept as a way of “debuting” a property that has just been acquired — whether by having a dinner with friends, or by organizing a family party, and so on.

But why is such a celebration so important? We explain: if you are a person who has spent a long period in search of the perfect property, chances are your colleagues and relatives have followed this process with you.

Over time, these individuals also created expectations, vibrated with their victory and, at times, they were even able to help in the choice. So, it’s only fair to share this achievement with them — opening the doors of your house so that everyone can see the final project up close.

And, contrary to what one might imagine, we are not talking about a grandiose party, but something intimate, reserved only for those closest to us. If your family and group of friends are very numerous, the suggestion is to divide the event into two parts, holding the meeting on alternate days so that the atmosphere of closeness is not lost.

Discover 3 tips to make a great open house

Did you like to know what open house is and decided to invest in this meeting option? Excellent! In order for your celebration to be incredible, we have separated below some practical tips that will make all the difference in the result. Look!

1. Build a neat menu

The first point to be observed in the organization of the open house concerns the menu. During the meeting, it’s interesting that your guests eat well, try tasty food and feel part of this party.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire day cooking and preparing dishes worthy of five-star restaurants. On the contrary: currently, there are numerous practical and extremely satisfactory solutions for these situations.

The “chef at home” modality is one of them and consists of inviting a renowned professional to prepare the recipes for your event. Take the opportunity to, with the cook, think of a varied menu, always considering the possible dietary restrictions of guests and investing in exquisite desserts. If you want to bet on the technique of matching with coffee, it’s even better!

2. Choose a playlist

There is no party without good music. Therefore, thinking about your open house soundtrack is an essential step. The ideal is to invest in a variety of music styles, especially if your guests have different tastes. Also try to prioritize calmer and calmer songs, always leaving the sound at a medium volume so that everyone can talk calmly.

If you want total convenience, try to assemble exclusive playlists for the event with the help of apps designed for this purpose, such as Spotify. Then you just need to plug your device into a speaker or TV in the living room and enjoy the excitement.

3. Send digital invitations

For your open house to have a professional touch, it’s worth investing in personalized invitations. Instead of simply sending an SMS or calling your guests, use your own platforms for that.

By accessing sites like WebVites, for example, you’ll be able to customize the invitations according to your style, add relevant information, select the guests, send the material by email or social networks, and also check how many people have confirmed their presence. Enjoy!

After these tips, we hope it was easy to learn how to organize an open house and guarantee incredible moments with the ones you love the most.

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