Types of decoration: which is best for your home?

decor style names

Whether in warm, flashy colors or cool, stylish colors, each one has its own style. Do you know which one is yours? If not, check out some types of decoration below, and maybe you’ll identify yourself with one.

Each style of decoration has its individualities, and they usually say more about the way we live and how we like to behave, so it is quite likely that it has a direct connection to your personal tastes.

Someone who lives with a wife or husband, who has kids, work, and loves spending time with their family will most likely have a different style than someone who is single, who spends more time away from home and enjoys Rock n’ Roll.

Therefore, today, several engineering and architecture projects allow us to assemble the ideal decoration. Furthermore, with the help of good interior design, it is possible to achieve performances that we could never imagine.

In fact, some styles are highlighted, mainly for items such as:

  • Your color style;
  • Furniture style;
  • Location details;
  • Lighting.

Now let’s see some decorating styles that can attract you and, who knows, motivate you to adopt the same look or as similar as possible in the warmth of your home.

1 – Classic style

This must have been one of the most replicated decoration projects over the years, as it used to be the current style and, nowadays, it continues as a trend, meaning it never goes out of style.

It is mainly marked by antique objects from previous centuries that, when united with the most modern look, draw attention and stand out for their rich amount of details.

So if you’re looking for something more conventional, but with the impact of a very detailed place, this style is perfect for you!

2 – Oriental style

This one is likely to draw the attention of more simplistic people, mainly because it brings a calmer, more relaxed air that has a strong connection or respect for oriental culture.

With that in mind, using an oval saarinen table might be a good idea for additional customization, but the style is often used for people who like to meditate, encompassing aspects of warriors, samurai, buddha or yoga.

If you are someone who likes the big festivals of sakuras (trees of Japanese origin), looking for a calm environment or have an affection for oriental culture, this style is ideal!

3 – Industrial style

Are you one of those people who don’t have a lot of time and like a more practical and fast style, but still pretty and flashy? Well, know that industrial style has made a comeback in recent years.

Its main characteristic are the walls made of bricks, which give a 70s air. If your house is not made of bricks and, even so, you want to adopt the style, a good alternative is to look for a wallpaper distributor.

Another highlight is the style of industrial furniture, as its finishes are made of wood and iron, always seeking minimalism, that is, without ceremony. For someone who enjoys practicality, the industrial style is perfect.

4 – Retro style

Used mainly by people who had a very remarkable time in their lives, the retro style seeks to bring all the feeling of returning to the times that generate more nostalgia for you.

The quirks here vary as this style changes from person to person. Its retro style can be focused between the 50s and 60s, that is, with objects a little older, but classic.

As for someone younger, the retro style can be returned to the 70’s, when classic rock bands played and performed great shows all over the world, bringing punk aspects with several frames of bands and catchphrases of the time.

5 – Contemporary style

Last but not least, the contemporary style is marked by black and brown tones, straight and simplistic lines. This style seeks a person who does not have too many excesses, as its goal is comfort and practicality.

In need of good lighting, this style works well in any environment and can be said to be the most adaptable among all styles, being common to find it both in the homes of young singles and large families.

And then, did you identify with any style? These are some of the most common, but always feel free to create your own template based on what you’ve seen so far. We hope we have helped.