Venetian mirror: get to know this piece often used in decoration and know how to use it

history of mirrors

Millennia ago, the Egyptians are believed to have invented the mirror using polished metals, sand and stones. But it was the mirror made by the Venetians that gained fame at the end of the 12th century.

From his technique, with a composition of thin reflective layers, he created beautiful pieces of decoration for the home. Some were considered to be jewels; they set trends and never went out of style.

If you are thinking of decorating your house with mirrors, bet on the Venetian mirror!

The emergence of Venetian mirrors

The Venetian-type mirror obviously appeared in Venice in the 14th century. At the time, the piece was quite expensive – as much as a work by a renowned artist such as Michelangelo or Raphael.

No wonder King Louis XIV of France later wanted to build a room full of them in his Palace of Versailles. Originals from the period can still be seen in museums like the Louvre in Paris.

But it’s not just collectors who can buy a Venetian mirror. Of course, an authentic piece is very difficult to find – maybe only at antique shops and exclusive auctions.

It turns out that, if you have an immense desire to have such an object of decoration at home, you don’t have to give up on the purchase. There are companies that are making excellent reproductions.

The classic Venetian mirror has its own unmistakable characteristics. And homeware companies are tweaking their technologies to create very similar – and even more creative – copies, not straying too far from the original design model.

The advantage of these pieces is being able to “play” a little with the designs, materials and finishes of the models.

Look at the images presented in this text! They show many different examples of Venetian mirrors. None of them are original – and probably not made in Venice. However, all are very beautiful.

Some are wider. Others are longer. There are framed ones. And also the unframed ones. After all, what was the original model like? Find out in the following topic!

The characteristics of the authentic Venetian mirror

The Venetian mirror, when it first appeared, was an item of decoration totally unlike anything that had been seen.

At the time, there were already other types of mirrors, but they weren’t pretty and of good quality like that, that’s why this Venetian so enchanted people. Its frame – referring to the rococo style – was entirely crafted in the glass itself. There were elongated lines, arches and many other details. A true work of art!

The visual effect of the Venetian mirror in the home decor

By themselves, mirrors are pieces capable of completely transforming the decoration of environments. Depending on how they are applied to surfaces, they can give the impression that spaces are wider and better lit.

Without a doubt, any well-designed backdrop using mirrors looks beautiful and refined. So why would the Venetian mirror be even more special?

The reason for the fascination of so many nobles by the Venetian mirror is even due to its peculiar characteristics. This type looks so beautiful and different that it stands out right away when you look at it.

The union of various furniture and ornamental objects is called decoration. And decoration is considered an art. But in this case, the Venetian mirror alone is art.

Where and how to use the Venetian mirror in the house

So, it is concluded that the Venetian mirror is an art, but it is also a piece that complements interior decoration – which is also art.

It can be seen in architectural and design proposals, inserted in various environments, such as entrance halls, washrooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. One place that goes very well is on dressing tables, giving a special romantic touch to this corner of the house.

Some may wonder why the Venetian mirror, which has classic features, blends in so well with contemporary decor projects.

This mix of old and new is interesting and has everything to do with the styles in vogue today, such as ‘retro chic’. And anyone who thinks that this rule applies only to female environments is wrong. The fact is that the piece adapts to any environment!

So, did you like the tips you received? Get inspired by the images and start using Venetian mirrors in your decor!