What are the possibilities of iron furniture?

forged iron furniture

Furniture with an iron structure was very common in the 1960s and 1970s, being a trend in decoration at the time, due to the excellent cost-benefit, durability, strength and sophistication of these pieces.

In addition to being common in internal rooms, such as the famous stainless steel table with iron chairs, these furniture were also chosen to integrate the decoration of open spaces, including gardens and balconies (present on benches, for example).

But whoever thinks that iron furniture has fallen into oblivion is wrong. On the contrary, they came back with a vengeance, as one of the main trends in interior design and architecture.

Versatile and sophisticated, these items match all styles of decor, from the most classic to the modern.

In today’s article, find out about the possibilities of iron furniture for your home and get inspired with some decorating tips. Follow the reading!

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1 – Invest in vintage design pieces

The vintage design refers to the idea of ​​sophistication, beauty and elegance of the past, being a great alternative for those who want to invest in iron and steel furniture, such as tables, chairs, shelves, among others.

With a style marked by sinuous lines and the presence of ornaments, the vintage iron furniture also combines with antique appliances, giving a touch of creativity and fun to the environments.

The tip is to mix some articles from the past with modern objects, giving a balance between the classic and the contemporary.

It is also worth mentioning that iron is an easily bendable material, which facilitates the molding and conformation of the pieces.

In this way, it is possible to find more ornate furniture, with excessive decorations, but also minimalist structures, with straight lines and few details.

For those who already have some antique iron furniture, a tip is to invest in personalization, renewing the painting with a lighter and more colorful tone, which can contribute to the feeling of joy and well-being in the environment.

A striking trend in iron furniture is painting with turquoise blue, red and yellow. Together with colorful pillows, these items come to life and creativity, contributing to a personalized and original decoration.

The white iron furniture is ideal for backyards and balconies, as in contrast to the green of the grass and vegetation, they create a soft highlight, as well as a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

2 – Use iron furniture as a highlight

Anyone who is passionate about metal cladding and iron furniture can invest in furniture that is prominent in the decor. For this, there are some possibilities, such as:

  • In the bedroom: beds, desks and iron sideboards;
  • Rooms: coffee/corner tables;
  • Kitchen: shelves, cabinets and iron utensils;
  • Bathrooms: in the cabinet place, an iron sideboard;
  • Backyards and balconies: iron corner, benches and tables.

For wetter areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, backyards and balconies, it is recommended to cover the iron furniture with stainless material. This will increase the furniture’s resistance to bad weather and corrosion.


3 – Enhance the furniture with other materials

Another viable option is to enhance iron furniture with other materials, such as upholstery, chair seats and fabric coverings.

Unlike wood and natural fibers, iron is often uncomfortable to the touch and, for this reason, it is worth making the furniture more comfortable.

It is also possible to use pillows, futons and covers on furniture. The main advantage is that these items are removable, making it possible to diversify the decor by changing prints and colors.

But for those who want to have custom-made iron furniture, together with other materials, it is recommended to look for a custom furniture store, to choose the items that best fit in each environment.

4 – Choose a decor style

A piece of iron is capable of generating different perceptions in space. For this reason, defining the style of the decoration is a way of not making mistakes in the choice of furniture, being possible to combine them with each other.

For example, the rustic style makes it possible to mix iron and wood, together with lighting in warm tones and heavier fabrics. The modern style, on the other hand, requires care with exaggeration, so it is best to have only one iron piece of furniture highlighted.

On the other hand, the industrial style combines very well with iron, steel and other metals, making it possible to combine several pieces in this type of decoration, as well as other materials, such as concrete blocks and wood.


Iron furniture is an old familiar decoration and, for a long time, the many advantages of these items have been highlighted.

Therefore, more than a classic style, metal and iron furniture is great for those who want to make an excellent cost-effective investment.

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