What is it and how to apply feng shui in your home office space?

feng shui

The feng shui is a harmonization of technical environments, developed in China. Its objective is to improve the energy of the place and optimize the activities carried out there. This method balances the place and helps people interact with the spaces.

That’s why it’s good to know feng shui in home office cases. Working from home may need some adaptations and this is one way to improve performance.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Using feng shui brings benefits to people, which go beyond performance at home office work, also reaching points such as:

  • Comfort;
  • Welfare;
  • Improvement of activities;
  • It helps to focus.

How to apply feng shui

It’s interesting to know some tips to apply the organization and harmony of the environment in your home when doing home office. For example:

Choose the room

The work environment needs to be well lit and close to windows. So the choice of the room where the home office will be held is very important. It is necessary to think where there is natural light and good ventilation.

For those who do not have a suitable location, it is worth investing in a renovation to work with comfort and concentration.

Do a cleaning

The workplace needs to be clean. If we keep our home clean, our home office space must also be sanitized. This keeps the workday comfortable. In addition to being essential to consolidate concentration on tasks and activities.


In addition to physical cleaning of dirt, it is important to remove all objects that will not be used during working hours. Stalled energy gets in the way.

Maybe you look around and think you’re done, but remember to check the cabinets and drawers. Papers, old items and broken objects that will not be used can go to waste.

Even if the home office is temporary, these tips are valid forever and make a difference to the routine at home.

Organize the table

After cleaning the environment, it is necessary to organize the work table. A diary or notebook can help a lot at this point.

A wastebasket by the table keeps unnecessary things from accumulating. At the end of the day, you need to throw away all the garbage that was generated during work! Don’t keep that energy stored.

For those who do not yet have their own desk for the home office, a tip is to invest in custom furniture and build this corner, of course, from the beginning with a completely new energy.

Work routine

Another important tip is to maintain the normal work routine. When you wake up, you need to put on your work clothes. This will prepare you for meetings throughout the day and will help keep you focused on the necessary activities.

Spending the entire day in your pajamas just because you’re at home can disrupt concentration. A bespoke mirror in the place where you change can make it easier to pick out that day’s work clothes.

Bet on plants

Feng shui indicates energizing the environment and this can be done using plants. Keeping a potted plant or flower in the workplace helps a lot in this regard. According to scholars, this “strengthens life energy.”

It is important that this plant receives sunlight in addition to being regularly treated with water and all the necessary care.

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Use crystals

Stones and crystals are great for filtering energy and being used to help in times of stress, anxiety and difficulties.

It is necessary to clean the energy accumulated in them, for that you need to wash them under running water and leave them in the sun for thirty minutes.

Stimulating phrases

A tip is to invest in a white comic or have a sheet near the worktable with a few sentences written on it.

When you pass by this place, read a few sentences out loud. It helps to remember that some days are better than others, or that we sometimes forget our goals. It’s important that you stay motivated!

Tidy up day

Defining a tidying day is essential so as not to disturb the house’s routine and get lost in activities. This can be done on a Friday after the work week.

Keeping the door closed helps keep the place tidy. A tip that helps in the organization and beauty of the room is to use a smooth wooden door.

Avoid news

You’re trying to focus indoors, but you need to make the home office room truly your work environment. This means silencing WhatsApp, for example, and moving away from the cell phone.

Feng shui helps to maintain the balance of the environment, harmonizes the energies of the room and helps in the concentration of those who use the place. Therefore, it is great to be applied where the home office is carried out.